Clarín - Easy check

Objective: To jack up the print run on Tuesdays using the wide circulation the newspaper
has on Sundays.

Target: Readers.



  • On Sundays, readers get 1, 2 and up to 3 checks with variable amounts, which could reach 300.000 pesos.
  • Winning amounts are published in the newspaper on Tuesdays.
  • All readers who have checks coinciding with the winning amounts just go to the Banco Patagonia and exchange them for the amount in cash. Clients of the Banco Patagonia double their prize.


Clarification on the mechanics: this is a lottery-type seeded prize game, but it has a very clever hope component which distracts reader´s attention. With these mechanics, we have disguised the number of draw variable simply by putting it in the amount variable. With this simple trick we have created a very simple and intuitive game which generates a very high perception of the awarding of prizes and which has become one of the three most successful promotions in the history of the newspaper.




Nestlé Purina - Passion for my Pet

Objective: sales increase and training.

Target: All commercial chain.

  • Owners of pets (in this case, consumers).
  • Storekeepers of all the country.
  • Sellers of the distributors.
  • Owners of the distributors.
  • Nestlé KAMs..

GLOBAL MECHANICS: this promotion connects all commercial links in the awarding of prizes. It starts with the consumer, and they can award prizes to the rest of the chain with their behavior.
Consumers mechanics

With the purchase, the consumer gets a scratch-off coupon with three spaces which represent three chances to throw the dice consecutively.
Those throws settle the game, as in the game of the goose; the board will be in all stores, in which consumers will have to play and check their finishing square.
If they win a prize, they ask for it in the point of sale. If it has no prize, their coupon gives them a new chance to play on line to win instant prizes and to participate in a draw.
*Note: the squares in the board are full of commercial messages which the participants must read as they move forward. Thus, they enter the track according to the type of pet they have and from there on, in order to play, they are progressively trained on the characteristics of the Nestlé Purina products.
Storekeepers mechanics

All coupons have a unique and unrepeatable code. This allows a total traceability of the promotion.
Every time a consumer loads a coupon on the site, they give the storekeeper a chance to participate in a monthly draw and in a quarterly draw.
At the same time, when the storekeeper has 300 loaded coupons corresponding to their store, they get a set of uniforms for their point of sale.

Sellers, owners and KAMs mechanics

Each of these links is allocated a percentage objective of loaded scratch-off coupons.
At the end of the promotion, the fulfillment of said objectives is checked.
Winners get cash prizes.

Club CCU

(Budweiser, Heineken, Schneider and other brands)

Objective: Osales increase in the traditional channel.

Target: owners of type A and B stores in the main cities.

Participating brands: Heineken, Budweiser, Schneider, Imperial, Corona and Palermo..

  • With the purchase of the multi-brand combos, the storekeeper gets a triple coupon.
    - 1 scratch-off coupon with instant prizes (13x12, 14x12 and 15x12).
    - 1 chance to participate in a monthly draw of bicycles and scooters + 1 chance to participate
    in a final draw of a utility vehicle.
    -Points for the rewards catalog.
  • Instant prizes are immediately requested from the seller.
  • At any time, storekeepers can check their points for the rewards catalog by calling at an exclusive telephone number or visiting the relevant micro-site. By these same means, they can request the points exchange.

*Note: the rewards catalog has traditional electronics prizes and commercial prizes, some of which are the following:
  • Part-time merchandiser.
  • Self-settling promotions. For example: 2 Budweisers + 20 pesos = 1 Bud T-shirt. In this case, the storekeeper exchanges their points for a set of 20 T-shirts and all POP displays, and they keep the resultant of the self-settling amounts.
  • Anniversary promotions. The storekeeper exchanges their points for a turnkey store promotion, for example, to celebrate its anniversary. CCU gives them a complete promotion set consisting of a display case, posters, prizes, a draw before a notary public and a promoter distributing flyers in the neighborhood for a day.

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